High-quality, plains-states gift books featuring the work of outstanding regional artists and photographers.

Limited-edition, fine-art prints by Mark Feiden,
Edward C. Robison III and others.

The Konza Press is pleased to introduce Prairie Fire. This is a companion to our popular title
The Flint Hills, and our first book to include interactive content. Readers may download a free app to their
smartphone or tablet and then watch, and listen, as select images come to life!

The 64 page book is not only visually intriguing, but also informative. It features 56
photographs by Mark Feiden and Edward Robison and a long-form essay by Jim Hoy exploring the
natural role of fire in the prairie ecosystem and the modern practice of prescribed burning.


It has been our tradition to produce a small number of hardcovers for direct sale to our
friends. There are less than 10 remaining at this time (as of 3/13/16).

This new title features 45 amazing Kansas
sky images by 16 of the state's leading photographers!

Enjoy the work of Mark Feiden, D.W. Gates, Teresa Grove, Bruce Hogle, George Jerkovich,
Marge Lawson, Dave Leiker, Tom Leopold, Steve Ramburg, Jim Richardson, Edward C. Robison III,
Brian Shoenfish, Harland Schuster, Jason Soden, Doug Stremel and Craig Thompson.

Contributing photographers have graciously agreed to donate
their royalties to the: Kansas Sampler Foundation.

Cover image by Dave Leiker

Fall Burn on the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve I
Chase County, Kansas, 2014

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